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    Hydroxylamine hydrochloride

    Alias: Oxammonium Hydrochloride; Hydroxylamine Hcl; Hydroxylammonium Chloride; Oxammonium Hcl; Hydroxyaminehydrochloride; Hydroxylaminechloride; Hydroxylaminechloride(1:1); Oxammionium; Hydroxyammonium Chloride; Hydroxylamine/Hcl Solution; Hydroxylamine; Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride (1:1);
    Molecular structural formula: NH2OH•HCl
    Relative molecular weight: 69.49
    CAS No.: 5470-11-1
    UN No.: 2923
    As reducing agent and photographic developer; for preparation of oxime in organic synthesis; material of anti-cancer drug (hydroxyurea), sulfonamides(sulfamethoxazole) and pesticide (methomyl); for preparation of intermediate of industrial isatin in synthetic dyeing industry; as anti-oxidant of fatty acid and soap
    Physical and chemical properties: 
    Colorless crystal
    Density: 1.67
    Melting point: 152°C
    Soluble in water, ethyl alcohol, glycerol and insoluble in diethyl ether
    Packaging and storage: same to solid product
    Packaging: 25Kg/bag, 1 ton/tray
    Technical parameter:

    Item Qualified First Level Superior
    appearance white crystal white crystal white crystal
    purity % ≥ 98.8 99.0 99.2
    moisture % ≤ 0.5 0.4 0.3
    sulfate % ≤ --- 0.02 0.002
    ferrum % ≤ --- 0.0005 0.0003
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